(for now, but not forever)

The Team Jigger Foundation has partnered with MNP and is pleased to announce their first-ever ‘Chair Aware’ event!

A fundraiser geared towards identifying and understanding the barriers and struggles that the mobility challenged face each and every day.

Participants will experience an 8-hour glimpse into the lives of the mobility challenged by dedicating themselves to a wheelchair and attempting to make it through the day as they normally would. Seemingly simple tasks, such as crossing the street onto a sidewalk, shopping for groceries, fueling a vehicle or entering their place of work may present a new level of complexity that would otherwise go unnoticed.

“The point of Chair Aware is not to belittle or lessen the personal and intimate challenges faced by individuals who live with mobility issues; The point is to allow able-bodied people to experience a limitation that is a daily part of life for us, and to take this experience forward with them when considering accessibility and inclusion issues in their future.”

-  Jason “Jigger” Lunn, founder of the Team Jigger Foundation

“We hope this is the first of many awareness events, and that the generosity, compassion and understanding of Central Alberta will shine like it always has.”

- Angela Law, MNP Partner