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Together EveryBODY Achieves More

Interested in what we do? AWESOME!

We wouldn't be able to help others if it wasn't for the generosity of people like YOU! There are so many ways you can help change the lives of people in our community! 



No amount of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. - Aesop

Direct your donation to one of these programs!

AccessAble Sport & Activity 

Check out our newest initiative, Srides 4 AccessAbility, in partnership with Lacombe Athletic Park Association

  • One hour of ice for Sledge Hockey - $165

  • A new sledge for the Sledge Hockey program - $800

  • Accessible sporting equipment - Any amount

​Exercise & Therapy Sessions

Movement 4 EveryBODY  is a pilot project in collaboration with Legacy Rehabilitation that makes these specialized services more available to everyBODY!

  • One exercise session (no trainer) - $20

  • One exercise session (with trainer) - $75

  • One rehabilitation session with a specialized neuro-rehab therapist - $145

  • Ten exercise sessions (no trainer) - $150 

  • An Initial assessment with a specialized therapist - $165

  • A Cognitive assessment  - $225

  • A Driving assessment - $395

  • Ten sessions (with trainer) - $625

  • Twelve on-hour sessions with a specialized neuro-rehab therapist - $1,500

  • Towards new specialized rehabilitation equipment - Any amount

Are you or somebody you know in need of some support?

We want to help!

Send us a message with all the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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